"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul

"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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As Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul, our own mission, recognized by the Church, is the evangelization of families from working-class backgrounds, especially their most disadvantaged members, through works of zeal and mercy. . Servants of the People of God, we carry in our hearts the intuition of faith of Father Le Prevost: Form Jesus Christ within us and draw the world to Him through our works.


Our local communities form Church cells where charity and total giving create true family life. Such a testimony is already a silent but very strong and effective proclamation of the Good News. It is an initial factor of evangelization. Our presence as the germ and animating nucleus of the Christian community engenders an apostolic action which responds to the various stages of evangelization. Losing our lives because of Jesus with people still unable to name Him, we cooperate with the grace of God which works in the depths of hearts. The lay Brother by a widely experienced pedagogy, a gratuitous and vigilant presence, by friendly dialogue and group animation, is called more than any other, according to the grace that is proper to him, to prepare the ground for the announcement of the Gospel. In a world often marked by atheism, religious indifference and immorality,Fathers and Brothers explicitly devote themselves to an education in the faith with the family, childhood, youth and adults.

Formation of the laity

Our mission in popular circles is to penetrate and perfect the world in which we live through the evangelical spirit, in particular by promoting the collaboration of different social circles.

Aware of being able to achieve this double end only by associating the action of the laity to our ministry, according to the teaching and example of our Founder, we devote all our care to preparing, within our works and outside, lay people, young and adults, who take an active part in our works and apostolic tasks of the Church and the renewal of society according to the demands of the Gospel.


We also see in the workers, especially the poorest, a privileged missionary field. It is up to us to know their conditions of existence well, to penetrate their mentality and to live close to them, in order to evangelize them and form them in human and Christian virtues, to help them defend their legitimate interests.Faithful to the social doctrine of the Church, we will reveal to them the eminent greatness of work, a means of uniting men among themselves, completion of creation and participation in redemption.

The abandoned

It is impossible to list all the people to whom our zeal is directed, new miseries arising with every crisis, every moment. Feel free to browse the pages presenting our various communities around the world (/rsv-in-the-world/) to see how we strive to announce Christ in all ways, in accordance with our motto.

A poor man cries, the Lord hears” Psalm 33