"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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Large buildings and beautiful play areas... This is the Neussargues camp

In this Maurice Maignen year, we wanted to honor the summer camp, the Colo, of the patronage that bears his name. Indeed, the patronage “Jeunesse Maurice Maignen” (JMM), like the other patronage in Paris or Saint-Etienne, leaves every year in camp. For the JMM, it is in Neussargues in Cantal, in Auvergne, in the center of France.

At the start of the camp, on Sunday July 9, the Patro JMM celebrated its 174th birthday. Indeed, it was on July 9, 1848 (it was also a Sunday) that Maurice Maignen welcomed the first children of the patron he had just founded but which, of course, did not yet bear his name!

What do we do at the Colo?

We can say that, like at the boss: “we play and we pray“, as our first brothers already said. We’re like a big family that knows each other well, on vacation (indeed, young people who are registered with the patronage all year round take part in the summer camp).

Major themed games, games in the woods, orienteering races, workshops, free time, swimming, evening gatherings all together or in small groups, but also letters to parents and grandparents… punctuate the days with prayer times and meals.

The older ones have more “autonomous” time with dedicated sports activities: mountain biking, climbing, canoeing…

The camp is a good time when we live together for almost three weeks. For children (or parents) who do not feel ready for such a long stay, Brother Patrick Gotillot, Director of the Patro JMM makes a return trip between Neussargues and Paris to drive back those who come to take a “camping sample” and take those who come to spend the last 15 days at the camp. Of course the most experienced stay in Neussargues from start to finish.