"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way

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"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way"

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Paris - Our Lady of Nazareth

N.D. Church of Nazareth

Installed heresince 1935, on the site of the former warehouses of the Alsthom factory, the Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul bring in this very contrasted district, their family spirit in the service of theevangelization of popular circles and youth education.


Father Gilles Pelletier : Superior of the Community, Parish Priest, Patronage Chaplain.

Father Jean-Christophe Chauvin : Vicar

Father Vincent de Paul Traoré: student priest

Brother Damien de Parscau : Patronage Director.

Interior of the church


It’s in 1957 that the Parish was erected in this district of the periphery where the population was increasing rapidly.

It was entrusted to the Religious of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul who have animated it since that day.

THE PATRONAGE: Joan of Arc de Vaugirard (JAV)

patronageJAV must since 1935 by the Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul. The animation team is made up of volunteer qualified animators from the center. Registration is open to children from the age of 6 and requires a prior meeting with the director.

Regularity is key ; we ask parents to ensure that their child is present on Wednesdays.

By age group, all children must therefore participate in a great collective game as well as a short notice and training period.

A great choice of activities is then offered, indoors and outdoors, including football.

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