"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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Center Clément Myionnet

A work in the service of the poor for more than 130 years!

It was on February 6, 1892 that “l’oeuvre des Pauvres du mardi” as it was then called, was founded at the time on the premises of the community and patronage of Saint-Joseph de Saint-Étienne. Faced with the crowds, the premises becoming too small, a dedicated building was built and inaugurated in the year of the centenary of the work: October 11, 1992.

This Center (photo on the left) is located in Saint-Étienne, a few hundred meters from the community, 1 rue du R. Père Avril, a great RSV figure who left a lasting mark on the town of Saint-Étienne during its long life.

The C.C.M. is directed by a Religious Brother of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and a Priest, also RSV, is present, listening from the opening of the Center.

Today the Center Clément Myionnet (C.C.M.) opens its doors three afternoons a week (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) from 1:30 p.m.

A good fifty people are welcomed each day the Center is open. We enter a first room where we discuss, we play board games, we come to taste the joy of being together, a few moments when this terrible loneliness is broken, it feels so good!

The C.C.M. is above all a place of conviviality, Poverty and loneliness often go hand in hand...

Every Tuesday, a hairdresser offers her services for a symbolic participation.

Cloakroom is open to all those who come to get dressed for, if possible, a few coins, we come here to get a piece of clothing of course, but also a smile, a little welcoming word or lend a hand to his nice ladies to lift a box that is too heavy; it’s like family.

On your right as you enter, the small chapel of the Center where the Lord awaits those who want to meditate for a moment. At 3:10 p.m., the Father, chaplain of the C.C.M., with the volunteers who are not busy at that time and the poor who wish, pray together about ten rosaries.

Finally, everything is ready to welcome the guests: the doors of the dining room open, everyone settles down and after having blessed the meal, we take a good hot and complete meal prepared and served by the volunteers with love and in the joy of the one who gives himself.

In the joy of the one who gives himself...
Lord bless this meal and the brotherhood that unites us
The chapel of the C.C.M.
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Some numbers :

  • 50 volunteers spread over the 3 days of opening,
  • Nearly 8,500 meals served each year,
  • Nearly 1,000 parcels distributed,
  • A cold room and an air-conditioned reserve to keep fresh products,
  • €200 per year: this is the bill to be paid to the Food Bank.


  • Jean-Léon Le Prevost Foundation, thank you to the generous donors,
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, Thank you.