"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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OUR WORKS in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Canadian Province came to found in Isiro in the Eastern Province (Haut-Uele) of our great country, on January 24, 1985 and then in Kinshasa in 1987.

Currently, we are located:

  • In Kinshasa: 6 communities plus one to open soon
  • In Isiro : 2 communities.

KINSHASA: Pierre-Lévesque Community

Provincial House
12, avenue Kimwenza, Mont-Ngafula
BP 2532
Kinshasa I

Kinshasa : community Jean-léon le prevost

12, avenue Kimwenza, Mont-Ngafula
BP 2532
Kinshasa I

kinshasa : community henri-planchat

12, avenue Kimwenza, Mont-Ngafula
BP 2532
Kinshasa I

    - St. Rita Parish
    - Saint-Vincent-de-Paul School Group: kindergarten, primary and secondary school
    - Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Industrial and Professional Technical Institute (ITIP)
    - Sainte-Rita trades learning center (CAM), literacy class
    - Christ-Roi College: primary school and secondary school
    - Lodging house for students, abbots and religious (Home)
    - Multipurpose room
    - Patro-vacation

Kinshasa: Community of Saint-Francois-de-Sales

20 avenue Consolata, Mont-Ngafula

House of aspirants and postulants

Kinshasa : Community Jacques-Viger

Rue Principale
Matadi-Mayo district, Mount-Nagfula

Parish Marie-Immaculée-Conception

kinshasa : community saint-vincent-de-paul

Ward 7 (territory of the Parish of Sainte-Thérèse
N'Djili, Kinshasa

- Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Elementary School
- Saint-Vincent-de-Paul High School and College
- Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Craft Learning Center (CAM)
- Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Center:
Literacy class, work for the disabled, first aid and food aid services
- Patro-vacances

Kinshasa : Community maurice maignen

Ward Mpasa (en périphérie de Kinshasa)

Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Hospital Center (CHSVP)

In the Bibwa district in the suburbs of Kinshasa

Isiro : Community Notre-Dame du Rosaire

Mensambo district,
Isiro, Haut-Uele Province, B.P. 54

- Parish N.D. of the Rosary
- Charities: First aid, aid to the poor, library...
- Patro-vacances
- Literacy class

Isiro : Community Clément Myionnet

Industrial district,
Isiro, Haut-Uele Province, B.P. 54

- Saint-Vincent-de-Paul school complex: primary and secondary school (and under construction: an extension of the school complex in Gossamu in the suburbs of Isiro)
- Kindergarten
- Charities :
For disabled people, lepers, old people, ...