Project Brazil 1 – Help for needy children and their families

Center of Sao Gonçalo - Supplies for needy children and families (in progress)

Actions in process :

There is a local lack of food, toys, clothes and baskets for children and their families.

Your donations:

With €1,500, you allow 3 children to reach a decent level of subsistence for a year … Many families are in dire need of it… We seek to lever 15 000 € dans un premier temps… to leverage local aid Then €80,000 within 8 months.

Situation : Too many children live in a state of advanced poverty in this region of Sao Gonçalo where the Religious of St Vincent de Paul have been established for a very long time.

Action taken : The Religious of St Vincent de Paul provide relief, basic training and professional training, help with accommodation as solidarity aid for “reconstruction” through decent temporary or permanent shelters.
They also help to brighten up children’s and family parties alike, including those
of Christmas.

Another example of a project, that of helping disadvantaged children and families in Brazil:

Concrete ability to bring a smile back to children in great precariousness.Crying for us…
Help us to help them …