"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul

"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

During the chanting of the Litany of the Saints, the candidate for Perpetual Profession is prostrated on the ground as a sign of self-offering.
Then comes the moment of perpetual profession proper. Brother Yannick is dressed in white and holds a candle in his hand in memory of his Baptism
Brother Yannick signed, on the altar, his act of perpetual commitment

It was definitely a great weekend of joy in Bobo Dioulasso, July 2 and 3! The day after the priestly ordinations (see article), Brother Yannick Ki, Director of Patronage of Bobo-Dioulasso, made perpetual profession before Father Bertin Sanon Superior General.

Thus Father and Brother were united in the same weekend of thanksgiving, as it is written in the Constitutions of the RSV “It is really God who wanted this intimate union of the two elements (note: father and brother) to fuse in works of charity and zeal the action of the consecrated laity and the grace of the priestly ministry” (RSV Constitution n°6)

After Profession, Brother Yannick came to solemnly renew his Marian consecration as all RSVs do every day.
We congratulate Brother Yannick for the total gift he made on this day in the service of young people and the poor. We assure him of our prayers.