"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

Religious of Saint Vincent de Paul

"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

19th edition of the feast of nations to our lady of good advice


The Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel decorated in the colors of our different countries, was full to bursting in this Holy Trinity Sunday. This beautiful celebration was also an opportunity to see former parishioners, who had come there for the occasion.

For the feast of nations, parishioners are invited to come dressed in traditional or typical clothing from their country or region of origin. The Mass, presided by the Father Gilles Morin, Provincial (photo on the left) and concelebrated by Fathers Franck Zeuschner and Jean-Luc Papet began with the procession of the servants of the Assembly who carried panels representing each continent. A Mass rich in the diversity of songs, alternately dancing and meditative. In four languages: French, English, Spanish and Latin. The universal prayer was also in 4 languages: French, Bamileke, Portuguese and English.

As responsible for the Festival of Nations, Maria Ayet gave a word of welcome in which she thanked the entire parish community gathered for celebrate brotherhood and unity and of course the steering committee of the party made up of 10 people who take care of communication, catering, liturgy and the link with the catechists and the children of the caté. Drawing on Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans, Maria recalled that our differences are a strength, that we form but one body, the body of Christ which is the Church.

After Mass, the meal was friendly and warm. The parishioners had brought dishes and drinks from 4 continents. Diverse and varied specialties that delighted all the guests.

The meal was enlivened by songs and music from the 44 countries represented, recorded on a Play list. 44 countries represented, recorded on a Play list faire découvrir la culture de l’autre et d’apprendre des choses sur notre l’Église Catholique.

The objective of the feast of nations: to get to know each other, to strengthen the existing bonds of brotherhood and to value the diversity within our Parish was really well fulfilled.

Congratulations to all the members of the organizing committee who, since January, have met on several occasions to prepare the Mass and the feast and who, thanks to their generous involvement and regular communication with parishioners and friends of the Parish have made this 19th Nations Day a great success.

See you next year