"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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"Let Christ be proclaimed in every way."

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A new Deacon for the Province of Brazil

Our brother, Antonio Edilson Frota Carneiro was ordained deacon on July 23 in the Church of St. Pius X by the Bishop of Marilía: Dom Luiz Antonio Cipolini

It was Father Mauricio Martins Netto, who presented the stole to the new deacon

The deacon receives the Gospel from the hands of the bishop: he is called to proclaim the Word of God and to teach it (sermon)

The mission of the deacon is also to assist the priest or the bishop at the altar:

The Twelve then called together all the disciples and said to them: It is not good that we forsake the word of God to serve tables. Seek rather, brethren, seven of you, men who are esteemed by all, filled with the Holy Spirit and with wisdom, and we will establish them in this office..” (Ac 6, 2-3)

We can guess the emotion of Marilene Frota Carneiro, Brother Antonio Edilson’s sister, who came to represent the family when she received Holy Communion from the hands of her brother, the new deacon.